Wednesday, February 05, 2014

Out with the Old...

Have you seen this anorak?
As a band, we've always taken great care over our personal grooming and appearance, as anyone who's seen us can't have failed to notice, so it is with a heavy heart that I have to report that drummer DFP's favourite piece of haute couture, his ancient smelly anorak with the stuffing leaking out, went missing after our New Years Eve gig at the White Hart in Atworth.
We're all still reeling from the shock, and poor DFP is inconsolable. Apparently it was last seen in the clutches of a pair of drunk girls who presumably loved the heady whiff of sweaty horse, and staggered off into the night with it cackling with glee.
We shall not see its like again... nonetheless, a cracking night was had by all, especially by guitarist Simon, who was still at the bar at 6 a.m. by all accounts. Bad boy.
It nearly didn't happen at all though, as when we were setting up the gear at the beginning of the night, we managed to blow all of the pub's electrics several times - the fault was eventually traced to a couple of long extension leads that Chris had wired up that afternoon... somehow he'd got the positive and negative mixed up, but I promised that I wouldn't tell anyone. Oops...

Moving swiftly on, and we were back at the George at Woolley St, Bradford on Avon last weekend, where a fair number of people made it out to see us on a completely filthy, soggy, windy night - many thanks for coming out and sticking around to hear some of our new songs! Always a good place to try out new stuff, as they're a very forgiving bunch in here. Either that or they just don't notice the cock-ups...

Thanks to Allison for the pic!

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