Monday, December 16, 2013

Pubs, pubs, glorious pubs...

Oh dear. It took me quite a while to find my way back into this blog - all the entrances were covered over with brambles, one was blocked up with an abandoned shopping trolley, and I had to evict a tramp from the Control Room. There's still a bit of a funny smell.

So, what's been happening since October? Gigs at regular haunts The Oxford in Totterdown and the George in Bradford on Avon went swimmingly, and we found a new pub in Weston Super Mare called the Bear Inn that we rather liked as well. It was a bit like playing in someone's living room, but well worth doing, and particularly nice to catch up with Eddie 'Van' Dutfield, formerly of Bristol bands Paradise Lost and Guttersnipe, who I haven't seen for years.

The Bear Inn, thanks to Magic Candle Photography

Last weekend we went back to the Village Inn in Nailsworth, scene of a Papal Election last time we were there, and we were honoured that His Holiness was there to greet us and confer his blessing on our enterprise. Quite a lot of Holy Water was sprinkled about that evening by the enthusiastic crowd, and by the end of the night I was standing in a large puddle of it, with broken glass crunching under my boots. Dominus vobiscum, fiat lux, deus ex machina and all that.
A much quieter affair at the Holford Arms in Knockdown the following night, but by the end of the evening we had 'em all up and dancing and not wanting to let us go. Honourable mention should go to DFP's pit-stop team, who managed to swap out and replace a broken snare skin without him missing a beat, nice work!

Last gig of the year on New Years Eve at the White Hart in Atworth coming up... see you on the other side...

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