Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Plough, Manston

A welcome return to this little gem of a pub last Friday, and amazingly we even managed to find it with no bother. After the last time Nige had wisely left early, and was just tucking into a big plate of dinner when we arrived, so was unfortunately unable to help lug all the gear in. The man's a genius.
A welcome return also to my beloved Laney bass amp, finally free of snaps & crackles after long weeks of toil by the elves of Malmesbury! Until just after the soundcheck anyway, when the thrice-cursed thing exploded like Krakatoa... back to the elves it goes, leaving me to muddle through with my titchy little practise amp. Ruthie reassures me that "size doesn't matter" - well, it bloody does when it comes to bass amps..!
Never mind, a few pints are a sovereign cure for all ills, even expensive ones that smell like burnt insulation, and the gig goes splendidly - we even get 2 or 3 new gigs out of it, which can't be bad.