Thursday, September 20, 2007

The Prom, Bristol

Another very agreeable night at the Prom last week; dunno what it is about this place but we always like playing here - it's like slipping into a nice warm bath... with beer, of course.
So pleasant in fact, that I can't think of anything to say about it that I haven't said already.
Now, where's the loofah..?

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Stroud Fringe Festival

Second year we've done this one, and hopefully not the last - I like Stroud, it's a very laid back kind of a place, with some of the most exuberant facial hair I've seen all summer - particularly impressive was the gent with the dreads - you know who you are, sir.
The Cornhill stage is in an area that's usually a covered market, backing on to what used to be the Pelican - scene of many a raucous night in the band's early years, including the time the first bassplayer had a lurcher vomit over his foot. Ah, them were the days...
Our personal cloud of misfortune was evidently hovering over us once again, as the previous band on had made an enviable job of clearing the entire area of human life whilst leaving the buildings standing. Rather like a musical Neutron bomb, by all accounts.
Still, they all came filtering back as soon as we started, and it turned out nice again in the end.
Last year, an unfortunate roadie fell down a set of steps with my bass amp on top of him, but he didn't seem to be there this time. Wonder why?