Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Bayshill Inn, Cheltenham

A new one this, & usually a jazz'n'blues venue, according to the landlord (a diamond geezer from Poplar). Oh dear. Two words to strike fear into the heart of any band doing original material, those (others include drum'n'bass and (gulp) Door Money). Luckily though it went down very well - a good turnout and gratifyingly enthusiastic too - special thanks to the couple who came over from Stroud after seeing us at the festival there.
We'll be back in March, apparently.

Monday, October 15, 2007

No contest.

In response to an earlier comment (you know who you are, anonymous!) I present photographic evidence that I am clearly much better looking than Gavin - just take a look at his hastily assembled disguise: the cheap sunglasses, the obviously false beard, and where did he get that hat? Plus you can tell from the shape of his earlobes he has criminal tendencies.

Fox & Hounds, Coaley

We turned up uncharacteristically early for this one, and couldn't get our gear in until the punters had finished eating - very nice it looked too, as we stood out in the carpark, our tiny tear-stained faces pressed against the windows...
Sustained with scampi fries & pork scratchings, we Disturbed the Peace for a couple of hours to general acclaim, and even managed to line up a possible gig in a forest next June! Although that may turn out to be an elaborate ruse to lure us out into the wilds before butchering and eating us, of course. I really must stop watching those films...

Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Video - I've seen it, and it's the future!

Here's a short video courtesy of the very clever people at Cheers to Steve Mitchell for some of the images of Gav's bus..!