Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Frocester Beer Festival

The thing with a beer festival is, you've got to pace yourself... oh, and remember to eat something as well. Two pointers that the comatose punter we had to step over to load all our gear onstage would have been well advised to take onboard, rather than the industrial quantities of cider he apparently did instead. The St John Ambulance people were trying to revive him as we arrived, and by the time we took to the stage an ambulance had whisked him off for a truly miserable night having his stomach pumped... which was a shame, as he missed an excellent gig. Terrible waste of cider, too.
We went down a treat, especially the second set when everyone had warmed up a bit (and had a bit more beer, natch), particularly with a large contingent of smurfs, complete with blue body-paint and not much else.
Sadly for me (but luckily for the punters) I was driving, so no beer for me, but on the upside that meant I actually remembered most of the set - no mean feat, as it's been weeks since our last gig!
Well done to the organisers for such a well-run do, and the quietly competent soundcrew, too - cheers guys!