Wednesday, April 06, 2005 what's this, then?

disjecta membra, for those without the Latin, are fragments or scattered remains...
And that's about it, really.
When I can be bothered, I'll add to this, pretty much entirely for my own amusement - I don't really expect anyone else to read it, as although it's "out there" in the ether, I'm not much of a one for self-publicity. There are plenty of budding Nathan Barleys out there fulfilling that role, and I don't think the world really needs another Trashbat...
So there you go - this is pretty much a diary, and I'm learning a bit about blogging & PWPs as I go along.
Feel free to comment, though if anyone does, I'll probably fall off my perch in surprise!
(Incidentally, it's interesting to see that Spellcheck's suggested replacement for "blogging" is "flogging"!)

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