Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Email to Gmail - never lose a message again

No, wait! This is actually useful, especially if you're an email pack-rat like me; I hate throwing anything out, just on the off-chance...
The great thing about Google's gmail is the enormous online storage capacity, coupled with the ability to search your 'store' & retrieve any message. This puts an end to Outlook Express multiple-folder misery - you don't need to organise your archive, just throw it all in there secure in the knowledge you'll be able to find it if you ever need to (which you won't, let's face it).
Of course, some people are wary of Google looking after their personal messages for them - see here for further info: http://www.google-watch.org/gmail.html
Personally I couldn't give a toss, YMMV.
So, to archive all your OE message folders into gmail (other email clients than OE work as well), follow the instructions here:
Obviously you'll need a gmail account if you haven't already (you haven't? Look here: http://tinyurl.com/mdhv4 ) but basically this uses a neat little programme called gmail loader, the link to it is on the wikihow page above, but here it is anyhow: http://www.marklyon.org/gmail/

The whole process is very easy, and when you've shifted your archive to Google you can junk all those files on your PC, freeing up lots of lovely disc space...
Incidentally, don't forget to set up a rule in OE to forward all messages on to your gmail account, so you'll only have to do this archiving once.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Kings Arms, Stratton on the Fosse

This pub is Nigel's local, and very nice it is too, albeit perhaps a little on the small side!
When I was about 15, the band I was in used to practise in various people's front rooms, which invariably involved sweeping a load of family photos off the mantelpiece with the neck of your guitar, treading on the cat and stopping the drummer from dribbling on the soft furnishings. Occasionally someone's mum would poke their head round the door with a tray of custard creams...
By the time we'd got all our gear set up in the back room of this pub, said room was completely full, which meant we were essentially playing to an open door through which the odd bemused punter would peer as if observing a cage full of badly behaved monkeys.
Convention dictates that playing to a solid wall is acoustically a Bad Thing, so we were pleasantly suprised to find that it didn't actually sound too bad, and the 29 punters (yes, we counted them) seemed to have a good time, as did the incredibly cheerful landlord. At least, he didn't set his Rottweilers on us.

Tuesday, October 03, 2006


As part of my continuing quest to move my entire life online, where it will be cheaper and won't take up so much space, may I present slylittleitv!
You can get to my YouTube channel via the link over there -->
All I need now is a camera. And something to point it at.

This is my lil' brother Gavin's bus, by the way - cheers to Steve for the film.