Friday, March 26, 2010

Spring Garden Tavern

Oh dear, oh dear... where do you start? It wasn't looking promising when the promoter (Harley Quinn - not his real name, I suspect) first contacted us about this one, as he didn't want to pay us anything apart from "a couple of drinks"... we were underwhelmed by this offer, & eventually he agreed to cough up some cash so off we went.
We played this place about 15 years ago when it was called Dirty Nellies, an ill-advised foray into Oirish theme-pubbery, but it's recently been done up as a music venue, and very nice too - good stage, nice acoustics, decent PA and a genial landlord who doubles up as sound engineer.
The enthusiastically burbling young Harley then told us that the 2 bands who were supposed to be supporting us had like, er, pulled out at the last minute, but it was alright 'cos a couple of his mates were like, literally on the way here on the bus, and they could play an acoustic set...
"Are you going to kill him, or shall I..?" growled the landlord as we set the gear up.
Harley's mates showed up after a while, and he took the opportunity to disappear, presumably to rethink his career path... we played the gig, and it turned out to be great fun, we all really enjoyed it - thanks to Emily & Ally for turning up so we had someone to play to! A good little venue, and I hope it does well.
Harley needless to say never reappeared, but to his credit (and much to our surprise) he had left some dosh for us, so all's well that ends well...

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