Friday, March 19, 2010

The George, and The Men They Couldn't Hang

A busy couple of weeks, starting with a gig in The George at Bradford on Avon last Saturday - always a pleasure to play here, especially now that our favourite landlord, the Porcupine tree-loving Darren, has got Bath Ales Dark Hare on! Such a pleasure in fact that we stayed there sampling it till the wee small hours - cheers Darren!
On St Patricks Day we were in Swindon, at the 12Bar supporting The Men They Couldn't Hang, and a cracking night it was too - great PA, a very good young sound engineer name of Kieran, and a proper sticky floor to boot. We seemed to go down well, and there was a fair bit of dancing going on by the end of our set, which ain't bad when you're the support band.
I didn't see much of TMTCH as I had to drive home, but thanks to them for the cheerful loan of their drumkit & slightly less cheerful loan of their bass amp (think I'll bring my own next time), and hopefully we'll be back in this venue again...

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