Monday, May 12, 2008

Salisbury Arms, Christchurch

First time at this place, so we have the obligatory detour to fully explore all the backstreets of Christchurch before we stumble across it. One of these days we'll get a SatNav. There's a bus stop right outside, so we get a bit mixed up with the queue whilst unloading the van - a couple of us nearly end up in Bournemouth, but eventually we're all in.
Nice, comfortable place with good acoustics, a low ceiling & Ringwoods beer - Hooray! Unfortunately, hanging from that ceiling is our nemesis: a Noise Limiter - Boo!
We've had untold problems with these hellish devices in the past, particularly with old drummer Mark, who could set one off with one thwack on his snare, but happily after 2 or 3 songs are cut off in their prime we find a level it can cope with. Bit offputting though, as you can't help but keep looking at the infernal machine & wincing in anticipation every time you get to a loud bit...
A good appreciative crowd in here too, though I'm not sure whether we'll be back since the sign outside said: "A one-off event! Not to be missed!" Time will tell...

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