Thursday, August 21, 2014

Pump up the volume

And so on to the Village Pump Festival in White Horse Country park - our 3rd year on the trot at this much-loved mainstay of the Folkin' calendar, and once again we're in the 'Late-night Extra' slot at midnight on Stage 2. This slot works particularly well for us, as being on the (ahem) louder end of the spectrum, we'd probably clear the venue in minutes if we were put on in an afternoon slot, as happened memorably a few years back when they somewhat perplexingly booked the mighty Jah Wobble....
The Pump crowd that were still up for a party at midnight had left their deckchairs behind though, and were soon leaping about like mad salmon. Fair play to them, as it was stiflingly hot that night - when we came off stage we were all wringing wet, and had to do some serious rehydration work at the bar - many thanks to the chap who bought us all drinks, by the way - you're a Star, mate!
All credit to the Soundcrew and organisers as well - once more it was a brilliant event to be involved with from start to finish, and I hope it goes from strength to strength.
I suspect we were still a bit too much for some of the older guard there, though... the following morning I wandered onto site in search of breakfast, and found myself behind a couple discussing last night's festivities:
"And did you see that lot on at midnight? Ooh, they were so LOUD!"
"I know... you can't call that Folk..."
Here's some video footage shot by my son Joe on his mum's Blackberry... the poor device wasn't cut out for recording amplified music, so I cut off the horrible distorted racket and replaced it with an older recorded version - cheating I know, but I think it sort of works!

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