Thursday, June 19, 2014

Sherston Festival... first of 2014!

And what a gorgeous day for it as well!

We used to do the Sherston Festival way back in Brew Band days, when the stage was just a curtain-sided truck, and apart from a bar, that was it. It's come on quite a bit since then, and although it's still in the same place it's now a properly organised two-day event with a decent outdoor stage and a second one set up in the adjacent Village Hall, lots of stalls, beer tent, plenty of food and of course a lot more bands. Nice to see it was all original music too, and they hadn't gone for the easy option of covers bands.

We had our fingers crossed for the outside stage, but it was not to be, and we were on the indoor one, which would have been fine for an acoustic act, but to be honest was not great for us - it was a great barn of a place with bare stone walls, and every note reverberated around till we could hardly make out what we were doing. The excellent soundcrew had their work cut out for them, and were probably sweating as much as we were under the lights, but they got it sorted alright, and we went down a storm in the end. If every festival we do this summer is as hot as this one though, we're going to be shedding pounds by the end of the season, which is probably no bad thing. After us on the outside stage were a band called Sam Green & the Midnight Heist, who were great - think we're doing another festival with them later in the year, will make sure I check them out again. Honourable mention also to the reggae band who were on there before we started, I don't know who they were, but they were excellent.

Kudos to the organisers for a very well-run do, and thanks also for the goody-bags they gave all the bands - mine contained sweets, bubble mixture, Rizlas, lighter, bottleopener and a miniature bottle of Jack Daniels - they know their musicians well, obviously..! ;)

taken at Sherstonfest, before we got all hot & sweaty...

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