Friday, June 08, 2012

The Fox, Broughton Gifford

Well, we’ve found a new Favourite Pub – the Fox in Broughton Gifford, where we played a beer festival last weekend. We used to play here donkeys years ago, when we were all crammed into a small portioned-off space facing the bar, and we gave up on it in the end, but it’s now under new ownership, and what’s more there’s a beer festival on, and it's the start of a double Bank Holiday! Something to do with the Queen, apparently... at around the time we started, she was 'enjoying' JLS and Jessy J at her bash in London. Lucky, lucky her...
The rain came down in stair-rods from the minute we arrived, but we were in a nice big marquee, as were a good couple of hundred very good-humoured punters, and we had a top night. Lovely free food, and free beer all night, too! Oh, what merry boys and girls we were by the end of the night… many thanks to the guv’nor, and when’s the next one?

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