Friday, January 04, 2008

Loudest Drummer in the World rediscovered in Frozen North!

Believed for many years to be extinct, Mark Rodgers, the last drummer for the Brew Band, has resurfaced in Glasgow. He's now beating the living daylights out of his kit for the Scruffs, along with ex-Brew Band bass player Simon Cottrell (whose amp I once rather embarassingly threw out of a van... I wonder if he's forgiven me yet?)
Here they are on the back of their new release Pop Manifesto:


Mark (slightly quieter now as getting a bit older...) said...

Ian - what a fantastic blog ! Brilliant also to see you're all still playing. Scallys and Fiddlers - that brings back some memories alright, esp Fiddlers.

Yes we did support the Oysters at Fiddlers, but remember Rock Salt and Nails, The Popes, Eliza McCarthy ? Some great gigs. Think my favourite must have been Royal Victoria Park though in Bath one summer mid 1990's - hammered down with rain but excellent audience.

Not made it back to SWest England for last couple of years but next time am down will try to catch a gig. Thanks for the link to site and I'll try to work out how to reciprocate.

Si has still not forgotten about you chucking his amp out the van. I suppose you were a bit drunk, unlike my teatotal cleanliving self. I am still maintaining my high standards in this area by abstaining, though as getting hammered is both a national sport and on the curriculum (in nursery too) here that is predictably difficult. Well, most of the time anyway.

Take it easy one and all.


slylittlei said...

Ah yes, I remember the Bath Festival one... I think the constant fear of sudden massive electrocution may have lent an extra frisson to our performance!
Wonder what happened to Rock Salt & Nails? Haven't heard anything from them for a while...
The Popes I remember mostly for being incredibly grumpy, possibly because they knew that everyone was there to see Shane McGowan, not his backing band...
Eliza Carthy was lovely, and I'll never forget helping her reassure her mum that actually, everyone was there to see Norma Waterson & Martin Carthy, not us, so she didn't have to worry about us blowing them off stage!
And Si hasn't forgotten, then? Oh dear...