Monday, November 27, 2006

Scallys, WSM

Been looking forward to this one on Friday night for ages, so of course I came down with a cracking dose of man-flu, just so I could enjoy it all the more...
In the tradition of noble self-sacrifice I struggled on regardless, however, and as everyone else gradually melted into sweaty puddles under the lights, I actually started to feel a bit better. Probably the Guinness, which as any doctor will tell you, is Good For You. In fact I stopped sweating, took on a waxy pallor and finally lapsed into rigor mortis, so a good result all round.
(Not as bad as a gig in Portsmouth somewhere about 3 years ago, where I had to run out to the carpark to throw up between sets. Nice. Fell asleep in the drummer's car on the way back, only to be rudely awoken by an undignified screaming & a shower of sparks as the car slid on it's belly across the M32, having left a front wheel embedded in the central reservation. All in all, not a good night.)
Quieter than on Saturdays, when we usually play here, but they still gave us a good reception - special mention to Barry the roadie, who spent all day setting up Status Quo's gear in Bristol before coming to Weston to see us. Wonder if he'd like a job? Unpaid, of course...

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Anonymous said...

'disjecta membra' = 'limbs of a scattered poet'
or maybe ... 'scattered limbs of a poet'?

(but not 'of a scattered limbs poet'!)

WHICH ONE is correct?