Saturday, May 13, 2006

Nigel & Sandy do it live on the web!

These shocking pictures of real live nuptials are brought to you courtesy of the webcam at the Isle of Wight registry office!
Alex can be seen looming ominously behind them, looking rather like Ozzy without the shades and dispelling once and for all the persistent rumours that he doesn't come out on film (or indeed in daylight).
Just one question though - Nigel, what in the name of all that's unholy is that around your neck?


Horsehair said...

that lookslike you getting married to a blond girl , are you sure you are not turning Mormon

Anonymous said...

Congtatulations to Nigel & Sandy!

from Steve, Jane & Reece

PS - glad to see you kept your bib on, I take it the uncontrollable dribbling hasn't cleared up yet!

slylittlei said...

Ahh, that's what it's for!